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When is the sound the loudest?

Does the sound ever stop? Please tell us about this.:

In which ear is it loudest?

Which is your dominant hand


Minimum Age (Inclusive):

Max Age (Inclusive):

Other cities you've heard it in:

Medical issues with your hearing:

Other information

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Basic Map (Red)

Does the sound ever "pulse" or "throb"?:

Where is it the loudest?:

When did you start hearing it?

Does your home have a "smart meter"?

Please list any unusual geographic, geological, or other features in your area:

Medical complaints:

What direction does the Hum seem to come from? (If any):

Enhanced Map (Blue)

How much effort have you put into looking for the source of the sound?

Please list any scientific or technical training you have.

Are you still hearing it today?

Does the sound tend to start at a certain time of day? Explain.

(OPTIONAL TECHNICAL QUESTION) If you answered the previous question, if you kept the tone generator volume low enough and used high quality speakers or one headphone, did you notice any "beating" or pulsing as the tones got close? This is the same type of thing you hear when you tune a guitar by playing two strings at once. Please explain.

Please list symptoms, if any, caused by the sound (check all that apply)

If you shake your head very briefly, or exhale loudly, does the noise stop for about half a second and then quickly return?

Where is it the loudest?:

Have other people heard the same sound at the same time and in the same place as you?

Will sounds like a bathroom fan or other background sounds mask the humming noise?

Are you, or have you been in the past a regular user of Advil (Ibuprofen), Tylenol (Acetaminophen), or Aspirin (ASA)?

Which of the following medications were you taking before the Hum appeared?

Have any of the following conditions been diagnosed or suspected in your parents, you, or siblings? Check all that apply. This information might be helpful, but of course this question is completely optional.

Have you ever been diagnosed with vertigo or balance problems?

You would describe yourself as...

Please try to recall what antibiotics you took during the time the Hum appeared, and after.

Do you prefer low-calorie softdrinks or regular ones? Please estimate your consumption, in 330ml/11 fl.oz cans permonth.

Would you consider yourself sensitive to sounds in general?

You live in ..

Does the sound change at all with the weather? Explain.

Does the sound change at all with the seasons?

Have you noticed any changes in the sound after air travel or being in the mountains? Please explain.

Have you ever worked in loud environments such as construction, heavy industry, music performance and recording, and so on? Please explain.

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